Canon vs Nikon RAW

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Re: Canon vs Nikon RAW

Graystar wrote:

steelski wrote:

You should take the R out of your name.

Maybee instead of being such a pompous jackass, you should try and explain the difference.

As for people who know what they are talking about, your past credentials put you somewhere in the beginning of the learning curve.

Maybe you should have asked about the difference before calling me names.

I'm sure your prosaic attempts to insult me reflect your lack of creativity and intelligence. I'll not waste my time explaining what you cannot understand.


I always find calling people names brings out a pathetic response such as yours..... Its funny how you are following your own advice to shut up before me.... especially when a semi logical question is in the mix. Grow up and learn some manners before mouthing off in the future, that way you wont have to make up an excuse in future. let me educate you further on the matter. A "bit" is ALWAYS a 1 or a 0.
here is some reading for you that confirms the brightness level relationship.

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