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Re: D 800 E against D3X and more against H3- 31 Hasselblad(samples)

Lets try this agains a 60 or even 80 mp modern MF digital back. The hassy h3-31 dates back to 2007 announcement.

M Lammerse wrote:
Hi Peter,


Your results are maybe a bit painful for some...
I don't mean those who own a D800E


rayman 2 wrote:

Many of you will remember my threads 2 and 3 years ago....
one is here..
Well I got my D800 E and added the comparison image to the other images.....
i also added a Nex 7 sample.

The lens was the same type 60mm (tack sharp micro 60)that I used for the other cameras
and the lens used on the Nex 7 was the kit lens at around 40mm
all were 100iso....(dont have a better prime yet !)

Phocus was used for the H3 and Nx 2 for Nikon was used as raw to tiff converter...
I used lightroom for the Nex 7.

You can see very well that the difference of aperture from 5.6 to 11 isnt as great as
some would have expected on this lens.....

also the difference betwen the tripod image at 5.6 and the handheld isnt dramatic.

so to answer your question is the D800E handholdable in good light... well yes it is
even without VR... !

Pretty interesting how near the Hasselblad and the D800 E are but I´d give the Hasselblad a slight edge though but very very close !
These are much bigger then 100 % crops.. and the films were scanned
with Imacon at 3200 l.. The 4x5 in film is about 20% less magnification

because i dont own a 180 mm lens only 150 mm... so the 4x5 should look a bit better
with equivalent focal length....

Weather wasnt the same at all samples though.... but I redid some of the other tests
they are not far away from the old samples...
All percautions like wire remote and focussing on live view were used....

There arent very many samples around so dont flame me I´m doing what I can at the moment.....

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