Is is just me?

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Re: Is is just me?

Why I'm enthused about WiFi:

I'm not much enthused about the "wireless USB connection", but what will come of it:

The display on my Galaxy Player 5.0 is far bigger and better than any camera display I've seen. It isnt hard to visualize cameras becoming just the optical/sensor modules that talk to the display/controller/storage(buffer) communication unit.

Samsung could easily make the Ricoh GXR series look very old very quickly.

That scenario of having a bunch of people take pictures at the same event/location? The shots go straight to (fill in the blank - great potential for good and bad - an entire article could be written on that).

"Apps" replacing "firmware" - want/don't want (fill in the blank feature/gimmick/priceless photographic function)? Done.


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