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Re: Washington DC on Film

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

It's a shame about the scans. They did a poor job with cleaning the negs as their is lots of dust...especially that HUGE chunk in one shot.

That HUGE chunk is actually a deep scratch in the negative. I surely wish it was just dust...

I found a local shop that still soups C-41, E-6, and traditional black-and-white stuff all in-house. I'll try them out and see what I get. It's an older guy who really seems to have a passion for photography, especially film. I imagine he'll put a little more care into it than the kids at Target.

Ektar is a beautiful film....but I've been having more issues as of late with some labs. The quality control has been poor. I don't mind scanning a hseet of 4x5 for a one off shot....but whole rolls of 35mm gets to be tiring. The quality can be superb, especially with Ektar 100 which is pure magic.

This was my first roll of Ektar. Previously, i'd shot two rolls of Portra 400, which is also excellent, but seems to mute red/orange/pink colors (seems appropriate given it's a portrait-oriented emulsion). I'll definitely be keeping some more Ektar around though. It's great stuff.

I'm pretty new to shooting film, so I'm mostly experimenting with different films. I've got a roll of Ektachrome E100VS that I'm curious to try. Never shot transparencies before, so it should be interesting.

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