Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

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Re: Just cancelled Amazon D800 and closed my Amazon account

MrWinnieThePooh wrote:

ocean7 wrote:

I wonder how you would use the information if Amazon told you ther position in the queue is 1356 or 2137?

Well, if you knew the average number of D800's delivered per week (X, say), you could divide your position in the queue by X, and derive the expected number of weeks you will have to wait (assuming constant delivery rate). So, for instance, in the UK, where Amazon are delivering an average of 0 cameras per week, if I knew I was 1356th in the queue, I would know that I had roughly 1356/0 weeks to wait. This would make me feel much better than if I had 2137/0 weeks to waitOh .

Oh yeah? But what if their deliveries are logarithmic?? Any smart person knows the Barometric pressure is a much better indicator of delivery que.

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