Where did my aperture chatter go?

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Re: Where did my aperture chatter go?

And to think, yesterday evening, I was at home aiming my camera around my house finding the best light source to hear the signature clickity-clack of the aperture and counting the number of clicks at each light source. With the new firmware, I'm not going to be able to satisfy my aperture chatter OCD habit anymore..., so it looks like I'll just have to go out and take some photos with the camera instead...

CriticalI wrote:
I have just gone from delirious to ecstatic....

Petteri Sulonen wrote:

I installed the new firmware for the XP1, and there's no more aperture chatter. I feel lonely and abandoned.

Also the parallax corrected framelines work in MF mode... kinda: they snap into place when I half-press the shutter. Beats me why I have to do that, since the focus distance is already known.

No other changes I've noticed yet. The chatter never bothered me all that much, and I was already getting used to it. Doubt I'll miss it now that it's gone.

What's the complaint du jour now?


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