DIY site for DSLR users?

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Re: DIY site for DSLR users?

Jim Salvas wrote:

If the point is to save money, start by not spending too much on your camera body. The dumbest thing I see as I travel is a guy with a camera which cost him a coup,e of thousand bucks, only one lens and no external flash for it. DIY all you like, it is hard to make up for good lenses and good lighting, each of which return more for the money than an expensive DSLR.

If just starting out, I would select an inexpensive body from a system with a lot of legacy lenses (eg, Pentax, Nikon...), spend a bit more on a good TTL speed light and then, if still in a DIY mood, make a few lighting modifiers.
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I'm already planning something similar to this. I get a T3i Zoom Lens Kit and then buy an adapter for the T3i to be able to use my Minolta XD Lens. (I am aware of the possible macro-like distortions that such an adapter may cause but I'm willing to work with that as I really do like Macro).

I'm just looking into squeezing more dimes from other methods. and enjoying myself in the process. Honestly, a DIY project is good materials for me to start blogging on. And I want to start blogging for my site anyway.

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