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OK, OT rant on 'CSC' :)

Rant on: I hate the term 'Compact System Camera'... And they repeat it like a dozen times.

1). Compact: Not 'compact' (at least vs. true compact cameras, and that's a whole category in itself of fixed lens small sensor cameras that is confused by this new term). An NX10, G1 or GH2 are not 'compacts' by any means regardless of whether or not they're smaller than a D7000 or similar.

2). System: Not all mirrorless models have interchangeable lenses and 'system' shouldn't be a generic term for IL, anyway. What do you call a G1X or X100? A 'Compact Non System Camera'? Then what do you call an actual compact non system camera with micro sensor - Compact Micro Sensor Non System Camera? Sheesh.

3). Camera: Redundant, although MILC uses it and I've used that term, but in general I prefer not to put 'camera' in there since we already know we're talking about one. DSLR doesn't need to be DSLRC, after all. Compact cameras don't need to be called 'CC'.

Compacts are compacts. Why can't we just call cameras without mirrors 'mirrorless' or MILC if you must, to differentiate between FL and IL models. CSC is a redundant and conflicting term that will do nothing but confuse newcomers and irritate those of us having used MILC or Mirrorless up to now.

All we need is something that means 'bigger than compact sensor and body but without SLR mirror'. ...Mirrorless. Rant off

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