D4 , D800 will not make u a better photographer

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Re: I do nothing but landscape photography...

Roman, i was just disagreeing with the OP for a bit of fun, because obviously a different tool won't make you a better photographer, but i was just referring to the fact that if you have a certain problem with your current tool, it won't allow you to really spread your wings and be 100% as good as you know you could be. In that sense - I was stuck with wrong equipment for a couple of years, it wasn't me - it was the equipment influencing my photography in a bad way, making me blame myself, when it was faulty. Now, after i have replaced all my equipment with something else that works as it should - i can regain my self confidence.

So putting it shortly - indeed, gear can't make your a better photographer (as in being a 120% version of yourself), but it can make you a worse one if it doesn't function well. Get good gear and you'll be back to your 100% self.

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