Do you own E-M5 and GH2?

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Re: When the Oly E-M5 arrives YES !!


Thanks for your honest answer.



And now as a general comment in a forum that should share objective inputs to help any independent member or visitor to have more and better information for photography related decisions, such as buying or not an m43 kit, and then which camera buying for her/his specific needs...

... it is so sad that the eventual posting of any of the following harmless requested E-M5 vs GH2 comparative samples/images/comments/answers could be something negative or cause panic to any member:

1.- 70 yard shots of normal kitchen products packages (using the same long lens)

2.- Images of both cameras side by side with equivalent configurations (front, top, back, pop-up flashes up and down, etc.)
3.- The same framed picture/composition using 16:9 mode (same wide lens)

4.- Real users comments about comparative AF/Tracking experience of moving subjects
5.- Video samples using each max Tele conversions (sensor cropping)
6.- Just knowing if both cameras can successfully use present m43 3D lens

It's indeed a sad day for dpreview forums and for its reason to exist.


j.m.young wrote:

Condor wrote:

boyzo wrote:

can't wait


Hi John,

When are you going to receive your E-M5?

Do you indeed own GH2 now?



Ed it just happens I received both on 04/18/2012! The E-M5 from and the GH2 from B&H. Having sold a GH2 I just could not resist the B&H price of 599 someone mentioned on this forum. I found the E-M5 was in stock at Berger-Bros by following this forum also!

You should most likely do the same and then test to your hearts content. I eBayed my former GH2 for more then the 599 paid for the new one.

BTW: I sold the first GH2 to buy the GX1. The only advantage for me of the GX1 was slightly better OOC JPGs. The UI has changed some but I really like the GH2 UI don't get me wrong the GX1 UI is great and I'm sure I would have grown to love it. My only worry about the E-M5 is will I grow to like the UI and the feel in my hand.

Ed please don't take this as harsh but I have no interest in doing testing for you or Us!

My testing will be for me as this forum can be very critical at times and I will not get caught up in it. I am making a very conscious effort to keep my posts constructive and positive.

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