Looking for zoom lens for my D90.

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Re: Looking for zoom lens for my D90.

I also use my 18-105mm and think that for DX, it's just about the perfect range (much more, and IQ suffers too much, much less, and it can be limiting), but I do wish it was faster.

As someone already mentioned, indoor with bounce flash, it's absolutely awesome, or outdoors, with good light.

But I will say it does not have the same "pop" as my 70-300mm VRII, which though slow, creates some great bokeh situations, and awesome IQ. When comparing pics, you can see the difference in the output between the two (much like I assume the 16-85 would be...better image quality than 18-105, ..but still sloooow).

The perfect lens for me personally would be 18-105mm VRII, 2.8 or even f/4 (yeah, I know they have a 24-120 F4, but it gets very mixed reviews)

I am currently waiting on the new Tamron 24-70 2.8 with stabilization, to replace (or use with), my 18-105mm.

As much as I like the 18-105, it has just very good image quality (not great), and it's certainly not fast enough to easily isolate subjects using DOF if you are into taking pics of people (like I am).

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