The polar bear killed (large imgs)

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Re: The polar bear killed (large imgs)

Couple of things, Bob.

1. According to the thread's originator and photographer of this event, polar bear meat for Greenlanders is a delicacy, not a staple. As such, it certainly doesn't sound like anyone would go hungry if this or any other polar bear were not killed for the rare "treat" it occasionally and unfortunately becomes.

2. I don't know what food prices are like in Greenland, maybe they are high as you say. But at least someone living there has the wherewithal to afford a $30,000 Leica to photograph the killing of an endangered polar bear; apparently no one can afford the $300 tranquilizer gun that could have spared its life.

BobYIL wrote:

These native people have been living in these territories and under those conditions since milleniums. Almost no possibility for any agriculture like the majority us know and enjoy, almost no farming... I wonder how many trees a native boy could see from birth until he leaves Greenland. Food used to come from sea or what lives "on" the sea, which is ice most of the time. For the living creatures survival for milleniums long was possible only thru eating each other; they do not have much species around to be selective... and it's still so... Let Per give you some idea about the food prices there to compare with what we have in our towns. And Denmark is not so reach to provide with work and social welfare for each and every citizen living in Greenland.

Yes, the heart can not stand a killing; however killing a polar bear has always been due to different reasons than killing a panda (and not far from why we kill sheep, cows, pork and other creatures) BTW, if they did not do it since centuries, then they themselves would have turned out to belong to the endangered species.

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