Looking for zoom lens for my D90.

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Re: Looking for zoom lens for my D90.

Thanks; I favor the 16 85 first, and 18 105 second, yes 95% will be outside in available light.

I had not given too much thought to the Sigma 17 70, but it too could be a choice.

I'm only thinking of this as just a hobby, not my profession. I'm more interested in getting the 28 1.8 and 85 1.8, for use on my D700, I look at the D90 as my P&S camera, its for fun, going walking in woods and around town, and out shooting barns and "stuff" the D700 for when I'm in a creative mood.

I have just sold several items to clean out my playroom, its equipment I've had since film days and some digital stuff.

I do photos for our local zoo, and use D200, and 80 200 2.8 and have the D700, and the D90 is to "play with"

I'm tired of carrying a ton of equipment, just to take pictures, my one concern is the plastic mounts Nikon puts on some lenses? not to keen on that but it must work, more and more lenses seem to have them.

Thanks for your input, I think I'm on the right track, just a couple lenses to have fun, and enjoy.I thought these would be the most favored lenses, for my needs.


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