DPR's E-M5 review coming next week

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Give the guy a break!

From the original EM-5 preview after it was announced - written by Richard:


"We've not used the E-M5 extensively enough to draw any firm conclusions but, personally at least, I can't remember being as interested in an Olympus camera since we were first shown the original PEN. The E-M5 isn't bristling with new technologies but brings together a lot of components that we know to be good. We've been hoping to see the 16MP Four Thirds sensor combined with Olympus' JPEG processing ever since we encountered it in the G3. An updated image stabilization system and improved continuous AF could make the camera something really special if they live up to the promises. But, above all, the combination of known components with proper, well-positioned control dials makes me look forward to getting a chance to go and shoot with it. The fact that it looks great and remains sensibly small is the icing on the cake."

I've read it more than once because I keep wishing I could afford to order it, though looks like I'd have been waiting for delivery (I like silver).

This sure is a tough crowd.

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