NR for RAW better in LR, DXO or C1?

Started Apr 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: NR for RAW better in LR, DXO or C1?

I just upgraded to C1 6.4 with 5D3 support, and I have to say it has much better low iso file quality....much better shadow transition (smooth transition to blacks as opposed to LR's blotchy transition) and much better color into the shadows as well as a more pleasing color overall compared to LR. Also, the slight banding visible in the shadows of high DR/low iso files in LR is not visible in C1. For high iso, I would give LR the nod for better noise handling.

In short, from my initial observations, C1 gives better looking low iso files (better color, smoother shadow transitions) while LR gives better high iso results and excellent overall controls.


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