The polar bear killed (large imgs)

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Re: The polar bear killed (large imgs)

There was just something particularly grotesque about the whole spectacle. Where I come from if an endangered or protected species (such as a mountain lion in my area) wanders near a human population, it's hit with a tranquilizer dart not a bullet. It's then relocated and returned to the wild, and no one ever salivates at the prospect of making a meal out of it.

EricWN wrote:

Thanks for bringing it up. I'd also like to state that - as probably the sane majority out there - I consider slaughtering this animal poor and sad.

Moofner wrote:

We know all about how you believe it's your cultural birthright to slaughter and dine on the flesh of endangered species.

But hey, photos of the slaughter are so much more acceptable when taken with your $30,000 camera.

Per PN wrote:

Yes the east side Tasiilaq and it is correct that the first person that spots the bear gets the skin and the helpers that touch the bear get some meat. Polar bear is considered a delicacy here. I really don't know much about their habitat accept they live on the pack ice.

Regards Per

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