Is the XP1 autofocus THAT bad? About to buy camera today...

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Re: Is the XP1 autofocus THAT bad? About to buy camera today...

To me the AF speed (on 35mm lens) is not an issue. Even with a DSLR I'd pre-focus or use zone focusing when speed is absolutely crucial.

To get better pictures I often find I must further develop my skills & technique and I honestly feel the AF speed is not limiting me.

Sure, there are times when something surprises you, you reach for your camera and just squeeze the button in hopes to catch the moment... and you often miss the focus or the settings are all wrong, but this can happen with any camera. If I wasn't prepared I can't really blame the camera because it didn't save me. My DSLRs also didn't.

However if you never "prepare" for a photo and your style is to "just point and squeeze" (and I'm not saying it's any less of a technique - whatever works for you) your expectations may differ and you may come to different conclusions.

In the dark and un-contrasty situations where the camera can struggle to achieve the focus - it's hard to say if my DSLR would have done better. Is it the camera's fault or would I have know I can't point it at an even, un-contrasty spot? Should I pre-focus in the middle of the night with no lights around or expect the camera to do it? Again this wasn't much different with a DSLR...

I can just guess how you'll find the focus AF speed, but I'd guess it won't be a problem.

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