5D3 vs D800 - highlight vs shadow recovery

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Re: No such thing

ultimitsu wrote:

KW Phua wrote:

clearly you did not read the link provided by gigamel, it clearly shows D800 is better at high light recovery. the way it is done is shoot the same scene with both cameras at the same setting which resulted in more or less similarly over-exposed images, then recovered in lightroom. check the results for yourself

That link did not indicate the histogram and Lightromm setting before and after

es it would have been better if they were included, but I am not sure what is missed without them.

if we see 5D3's histogram with more blowouts, what does that tell us that we cant see from the picture?

as for lightroom settings, do you have any reason to believe identical settings were not used on both cameras?

Just need to know how much highlight clip off from the histogram of both photos before any adjustment. Also able to see how many colors channels been clip off. Hope you understand what I mean. (I understand that D800 has more DR in base ISO)
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