E-M5 puzzles

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E-M5 puzzles
  • did you buy one?

  • where are your images?

  • will you buy one?

  • why will you?

  • why won't you?

  • will you sell your old [name a camera] gear to buy one?

  • why sell that classic?

  • why won't you sell that obsolete klunker?

  • I pre-ordered, so when will I get it?

  • I didn't pre-order, so when can I get one?

  • when will [name a country] get them?

  • when will [name a store] have them in stock?

  • is Olympus effing around with orders?

  • is Olympus in financial deep doodley?

  • will [name a company] buy Olympus?

  • is the camera too expensive?

  • when will the price go down?

  • who makes the image sensor?

  • is the image sensor too small?

  • is the camera too noisy or not?

  • is black or silver better?

  • why does the black paint come off?

  • does the silver come off?

  • is the hump ugly or not?

  • is the camera ugly or not?

  • is the camera really an OM or not?

  • is the camera too small?

  • are the buttons too small?

  • are the menus confusing?

  • is the AF fast or not?

  • why does it have [name a feature]?

  • why doesn't it have [name a feature]?

  • is it as good as [name a camera or phone]?

  • is it better than [same camera or phone]?

  • is the [name a lens] any good?

  • are you an E-M5 fanboy?

  • are you a [name a camera] fanboy?

  • are you a Steve Huff fanboy?

  • are you fed up with all these questions?

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