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I would say Canon lens system is more complete than Nikon with the exception of a good wide angle lens like 14-24mm

I have a bunch of canon lens and I love it but if I had to start from scratch as of today I would go with the D800 for sure.

Ill be getting the 5D MIII which is a fine camera but quite envious of the DR on the Nikon and the detail in the images compared to the 5D MIII

davexl wrote:

I think by asking on both forums you will end up with a lot of votes for both Nikon and Canon, depending on where you ask the question!

Like you I have been using a Canon 5D-II for a while during the "Nikon drought" for affordable high MP, but am returning to Nikon with the D800/E, which for me is easily the best choice right now. (also I have way more current Nikon glass)

Both brands have lenses missing from the lineup - Nikon is missing out a bit on tilt shift, and Canon has no comparable 14-24mm etc etc.

No one brand will be better at everything, I don't think you can go too far wrong with either. I would highly recommend renting a D800 for a week, and a Canon 5D-III and/or 1Dx when available to see what suits you better. It might save you a costly mess or investment you regret.

You are the best judge of what is right for you.

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