is Epson liying us?

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Re: They are all the same

hbx2004 wrote:

However, there's another aspect: by decreasing ink tank capacities, pollution increases! It's a shame, that (officially) ink cartridge can only be used once -worse: it's limitless stupidity of manufacturers. From that point of view, 3rd party refill solutions are not only cheaper: they are also more environment friendly than printer manufacturers are.

Just my 2c

Add to that the crap service Epson EU gives me in Finland with a purchasing system for supplies that wouldn't allow for payments and then ordering via a 3rd party stockist took well over a month for supplies to matierialise......

My 7890 now runs Conecolor Inks and HP paper and does so with great results. I will investigate other stocks as time goes by but I know that the Satin HP everyday Photo paper works extremely well for me and at a good price point. For me it is a matter of getting results that are affordable and with reliable supply.

Epson Ink - restocking took almost 2+ months for me, conecolor less than a week. Epson Ink - creates a lot of hazardous landfill, conecolor much better in this regard.

It is almost as though in my part of the world, Epson doesn't want to do business and I have even had Epson Support tell me to just get a chip reseter for my Waste Tank instead of bothering to get a part from them LOL. Makes you wonder how they can stay in business with this kind of attitude. What does worry my is having someone able to do onsite servicing if I should ever need it.

Lucky for me I'm not afraid to get in and fix things myself which had paid dividends with Xerox with me in the past with their production digital equipment.

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