ALERT Potential Scam

Started Apr 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: ALERT Potential Scam

Turbguy1 wrote:

What was your clue it was a scam?

  • It is clear that Microsoft has no idea about what I am doing with my computer

  • It is pretty clear that Microsoft would not care less if your computer was infected, it's not their responsibility

  • It is pretty clear that Microsoft does not have the organisation to call everyone who has a computer

  • It is pretty clear that these people are just going through a list of phone numbers

  • It is pretty clear that IF Microsoft or any other company would contact you they would do it in your own language

  • It is pretty clear that if your language was English the person contacting you would speak very good English, not as poor as these people do

  • What if I use Linux or no Microsoft product at all. There is no way for them to know.

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