Just which 'in-camera' settings affect Raw files?

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Re: Just which 'in-camera' settings affect Raw files?

kiwigirl wrote:

I was always under the impression that Raw was Raw - and only more or less exposure affected the Raw file. I thought the various film modes, contrast, sharpening etc only affected jpegs and other tweaks are done in software like Photoshop.

That's true. Only to the extent that they affect the Exposure Value (a function of the camera settings for F-Number, Shutter Speed, and ISO Gain) will they affect the recorded RAW image-files. Functions like "Auto ISO" and "i-ISO" affect the ISO Gain, and in that sense affect the RAWs. Various Film Modes may affect the camera metering (but not the ISO Gain, as far as I know).

Now I am not so sure. My L1 is a simple 'for Dummies' type of camera with little to adjust, but after getting lost in some of the fast-moving threads on this forum I am wondering if there is anything I need to adjust on my GH2? Is the likes of I-dynamic and I-resolution or any other particular settings going to affect the base Raw image?

"i-Dynamic" affects Exposure Value (by potentially changing the ISO Gain).

"i-Resolution" (on other later Lumix camera models, but it appears not on the GH2) automatically invokes "i-Zoom" (in some circumstances). It appears that the GH2 does not have "i-Zoom". "i-Zoom" will cause "sensor-cropping", and result in RAWs that are of a pixel-size that is smaller than the full image pixel-size for the Aspect Ratio mode used.

(I believe) that all of the limited-resolution sensor-cropping functions on the GH2 do not allow RAW recording at all (so that solves that "non-problem", I think).

The most important thing to know if that if the Film Mode "NR" setting is set to +2, both FW Level 1.0 and FW Level 1.1 will perform RAW-level Noise Reduction (but only at ISO=800 and above). Definitely something to avoid. There have been some anecdotal reports by some here that they think that they have seen (visual) evidence of RAW-level Noise Reduction occuring at NR settings that are lower than +2 (but no solid or compelling eveidence has been submitted that I have seen posted). In any case, it is unlikely that any RAW-level NR occurs at ISO Gains below ISO=800.

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