Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC review

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Re: bokeh

Timbukto wrote:

Will have to see if the bokeh near the edges are just due to the lighting or if it really looks like that for any bright light sources when OOF. I agree the bright bokeh onioning so far may be one of the most severe.

As for vignetting I don't think its that big a difference as the Canon 24-70 nears 2 stops of vignetting. Remember that often Canon bodies will auto-correct some vignetting OOC where as there will be absolutely zero correction for third parties.

ephotozine says that the EF 24-70L has about 1 stop vignetting at both ends. Other testsites show other results. There are too many factors that can mess up this measurement, used software, camera contrast, who knows what else.

And remember a lot of this edge vignetting is entirely made up for if the VC is competent and with sharper edge performance with some PP you may end up with better corners anyways. Not to mention if you are shooting wide-open wide-angle there is less chance you really need something clearly significant in the corners as its most likely low-light. At telephoto wide open most likely the corners are OOF anyways (which again means edge sharpness here is less relevant compared to bokeh).

I hope more detailed reviews will show up. The EF 24-70 I is not that bad at 24mm, but field curvature is severe. It is impossible to have infinity in good focus corner to corner, even stopped down.

Photozone when they get their hands on it will definitely put in a few more words as far as bokeh.

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