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Re: Camera locks up when reviewing image in the EVF

kenw wrote:

FYI, I'm having trouble recreating this problem. One thing to be aware, which is a bit annoying, is that the camera seems to refuse to enter play mode while still clearing the buffer. That might be related to your problem, but I did shoot a burst and try to get it to lock up and couldn't really. Though it still behaved poorly - basically it ignores the play button for quite sometime if you've shot a burst (until the card writing icon stops blinking) and then finally goes to play (moving to the LCD) at which point pressing the LV button brings the play display back to the EVF.

Thank you for checking. The behavior you describe is probably related to my problem in some way.

I have run into the "locking up" situation randomly, for about every fourth or fifth time I have tried to review an image using the EVF.

My settings:
A mode, S-AF (everything else has been changed in all directions)

When pressing the PLAY button the image jumps to the LCD and then when pressing the lOl button the image is either directed to the EVF or the camera locks up.

When the camera locks up it keeps humming but does not respond to any button and both the LCD and the EVF are black. After 5 or 6 seconds the camera stops humming for a second, the sensor clonks and the camera restarts by itself. When doing so the settings, that is the aperture value in my case, is set back to what it was when I turned the camera on (not what I used when taking the last image).

Maybe it is my camera only but that sounds strange as it works in every other way.



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