Panasonic 3D1: Indoor 3D Shots

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Re: Panasonic 3D1: Indoor 3D Shots

electrosim2001 wrote:

There have been a few nay-sayers regarding the 3D-1 but personally I think it's a great camera and camcorder and a steal at its retail price. Your pics are excellent Mark and prove the point regarding its camera abilities.

Any-one hestitating and wondering whether to buy or not, just go for it, it's a class act.

As an addendum to the above, I have discovered a flaw in the 3D-1's capabilities.

Before release, it was commented upon by several would-be purchasers that the flash LED was badly positioned and sadly I have to report that this is the case.

I took some pics yesterday in a poorly lit ten pin bowls hall and so used the flash option. Almost all the shots were ruined with a 'streak' of white burn-out on either the left picture or the right picture, or if not ruined by the white streak, the shots had white flecks ( in 3D ) where the flash had hit dust particles.

The flash will remain firmly switched off in future. On the plus side, the camera is good in poor lighting without the flash.

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