Canon's Advisory a lot of double-talk in my opinion.

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Re: Don’t bother.....

DFPanno wrote:

Thank you.

I have a very substantial education ( doctorate and a three-year post-doc) largely based on a fairly profound understanding of engineering.

I have spent much of my life handling VERY expensive pieces of precision equipment so while not an expert photographer I have a strong understanding of the characteristics that equipment should (ideally) exhibit.

I read your post and I agree with you too!

(Group hug here)

They say great minds think alike! I have a doctoral degree too, but not in engineering. It’s really amazing how higher education teaches you to understand technicalities better (while at the same time giving you the ability to be flexible where flexibility is appropriate). Without a doubt, most of the people here who say the light leak isn’t an issue do so because they don’t understand the technical significance of it (and the possible ramifications of it). Their standards are very lax and they’re happy to shape their conclusions based purely on what they see, without considering the possibility that there are situations they haven’t contemplated where the leak may prove significant.

When you look at Canon’s response to the issue, it mirrors these peoples’ attitudes to a T. Wishy-washy, imprecise, ambiguous, inconsistent, inexact.

What’s worse, there are actually videos of people demonstrating (in actual shooting situations) how the light leak affects the exposure!

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