Sigma vs Canon 60D and 5D Experience

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Hi Erik, I understand that one has to counteract the over-emphasis on camera equipment at the expense of artistic effort. But, really, I don't have that problem. After a couple of years I couldn't tell you what camera I used. If I didn't have any camera but my G12 I'd be perfectly happy. However, it was the Sigma DP1 that changed my life. There IS a huge difference. I agree, that a bad camera in good hands is better than a good camera in a knuckle-heads However, I'm always looking to get that perfect shot. Equipment is one of those factors. Unfortunately, I can't carry every camera with me and when I pick a camera up, for that place and time, I'm stuck with it.

Anyway, I believe we all share this same problem. If there's no difference between the Canon 60d and the Sigma SD15, say, then I'd rather have a 60d. For you to say the camera comes in a distant 4th would only apply if I didn't know how to maximize my equipment for my artistic goal. Do you disagree, that once you know what you want to do, the equipment makes a difference? I know I think some people on this forum spend too much time pixel peeping and others don't care enough. We're all so different.

So I put it to you, you only have one camera you can carry with you to Mars. You've been chosen! Because, it's a distant 4th. What camera is the camera you can take to Mars. Remember, you'be be hiking some of the time, in space, taking portraits, etc.

If this question pains you that's how I feel every time I go out to take photos.

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