Will There be a Nikon 16-85 f4

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Re: What's wrong with the current 16-85?

The 16-85 f3.5-5.6 is a highly regarded, well built lens; and it would be an upgrade to any Nikon kit lens (except itself). Would an extra stop at the long end be worth twice the price, and an (estimated) 50% size/weight penalty (to you)?

IMO, there are other gaps in Nikon's range that need help much more. Consider, for example, that there is STILL no "portrait prime" for DX... after all these years! (This would be 55 to 70mm, f1.4 to f2.0, with attention paid to fine bokeh.) And there is still no general purpose AF-S WA prime for DX, either. (This would be 18 to 20mm, f2.0 to f2.8.)

Happy shooting, Ed

d90photo wrote:

The recent nikon announcement, including the d3200 and 28 f1.8, removed any suspicion of a Nikon 16-85mm f4 lens. I was wondering if anyone thinks this lens may be announced in the near future after Nikon Rumours released rumours that Nikon had published a patent for the lens in early spring. Would anyone else be interested in a lens of these specs and do you think it would be popular? If does anyone think it would be a dx version of the 24-120 f4? I am only asking as I am interested in upgrading my current kit lens.

Thanks in advance

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