Tripod recommendation

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Re: Tripod recommendation

Desmond Ong wrote:

newtoy wrote:

You also need a head. Geared head is good for landscape, ball head is lighter. L-bracket is also very important.

For both geared and ball head, what does it serve its differences?

Not sure what you're asking. The L-bracket allows vertical orientation on the axis. Simplifies movements and means camera isn't hanging over to one side.

Ballhead vs geared: ballhead smaller, lighter, much faster to move and adjust camera. Most people prefer this as an all-around solution.

Geared: bigger, heavier, slower, far more precise. The new Arca-Swiss D4 is actually about the weight of the RRS BH55, though, provided you can find one. The Arca-Swiss Cube might be the ultimate in precision.

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