The Canola field and a hard lesson (D700)

Started Apr 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: The Canola field and a hard lesson (D700)

To 3LX: I read your story and felt your pain. As a landscape photographer I know that some images take a great deal of investment in time, effort, and often discomfort. It's a beautiful image! For some reason I especially like the rain visible in the rainbow.

To mironv and Dennis2958 I say: You folks are nuts. I love people who talk about their photography as though it's the only kind that exists or matters. Bully for you that you shoot JPEG! Excellent that you think RAW is a waste of time and stupid. You two must be very proud of yourselves. Hopefully you can excuse the rest of us wackos who shoot RAW for reasons completely unfathomable to you.

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