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Don't be mama-llame

You are acting as someone that would scoop up a roach and dump it outside their house instead of killing it. It is just going to come right back in and multiply. It needs to die. No, not the individual, the industry.

mamallama wrote:

Brian wrote:

1) Hassle a telemarketer? I don't mean just hang up on them, but really go out of your way to have fun with them? I've kept several on the line for 45 min or more. Asked them to hold and walked away for 5-10 min and come back.

2) Given a pollster completely incorrect answers? I never give correct information about myself and do my best to give strange answers to the poll. And better yet as my wife is Japanese and they ask for her, I'll generally tell them I am "he" as they don't know if my wife's name is male or female.

Got any good stories to tell?

Telemarketers are just low paid workers trying to earn an honest, albeit dubious, living. I don't have fun at their expense. I have better means of entertainment. I just politely say, "no thanks and goodbye".

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