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WARNING!!! Positive Jessops review for a change....

A couple of months ago I was shopping in my local out of town mall (MetroCentre in Gateshead) and was looking for a decent pocket camera. I had decided that I didn't want an interchangeable lens or bridge camera but something I could genuinely stick in a pocket or bag when I didn't want to take the DSLR and lenses. Popped in to Jessops as it was the only camera store and got chatting to the guy on the desk. He was knowledgeable and friendly and happy to talk me through a number of cameras and even went as far as to tell me what to avoid and what to consider.

By and large his advice was good and when I settled on the new Canon S100 they had one in stock (unusual at the time as it was very new out) and agreed to knock some money off.

Nowhere in the UK has great supply of D800 and like most others I am patiently waiting (for Mathers of Lancashire in my case). I know Jessops have a bad reputation but it seems that many on here are willing them out of business. In the case of the D800 they don't seem any worse than any other retailer left in the dark by Nikon.

That was all - you can get back to slagging them off now.


PS Canon S100 is a lovely little camera for any who may be interested.

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