Could the OMD change your mind about Olympus?

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Re: Could the OMD change your mind about Olympus?

What I found out is that a 4/3 system really needs ND filters to block excess light when trying to prolong exposure, because stopping down is such a bad idea. On E-PL1 with its kit lens I have only two usable apertures for landscape: f/5.6 and f/8, and that is very limiting when you need to get the right exposure for blurred water. 35mm format is much more flexible, you get very usable stuff from f/5.6 to f/16, and even up to f/22 the diffraction isn't nearly as bad as one would think.

Of course, on 4/3 you would have faster lenses so you would start at f/4 and go up to f/11 where it's game over, but I really hate those f/5.6 zooms, and I won't even start about that f/6.3 motorized thing that goes in OM-D kit. It's a black hole that eats light and turns it into darkness.

I learned to compensate for the dark kit zoom by adapting a legacy 50mm f/1.7, which is quite good from f/2.8, but I don't really see an m4/3 equivalent for Zuiko 14-54, which is just right.

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