Disable AF-point bias on eval. metering 5D mk III??

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Re: Perhaps you should shoot in Manual mode

In reply to both commenters above:

Off course I can shoot in manual, but that's not really the issue.

Manual mode is an easy way out of this, or, I can even use it to my advantage now that I know that this "feature" is there.

I, and I guess a large portion of photographers use Av-mode as a convenience feature. Coupled with exposure compensations it gives the same total control as manual mode.

This allows me to experiment or simply alter my depth of field quickly, once exposure has been dialed in with the correct compensation. I don't shoot in a studio.

The issue is that the bias is way too strong, and/or the biased area is too small (due to new AF-sensor).

In evaluative matrix mode I expect a pretty even histogram when shooting outdoors in a typical mixed scene.

With the new bias this can happen:

I dial in an AF-point close to where it needs to be. It rarely lines up perfectly with my framing. Once the eye has been focused on a small re-framing occurs.

This small shift in framing might be enough to send the AF-point from a lit face into a shadowy neck, ear or what have you. The bias pushes the exposure by 1.5 stops or whatever...

I was taken off guard (but figured it out), and now other threads are popping up with users thinking their camera is broken... and people responding that the camera should be sent to service.

It's sneaky, that's all. And worst of all: can't be turned off.

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