large monitor for PP and HDTV?

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Re: large monitor for PP and HDTV?

I use a 21" color-calibrated computer monitor for editing, but also output via HDMI to a 42" high-res LED television set for simultaneous display. When the TV was first connected, the colors were an awful match for the computer display. After an hour of sight-correcting, the two match pretty darn good. I wouldn't want to DEPEND upon the TV, but it's pretty close for all but the most critical work. Thankfully, the TV has a ton of color/contrast/tone adjustments. It just took a lot of work to get the best match.

markhayphotography wrote:

I'm thinking about purchasing a very large computer monitor to serve as my HDTV when I'm not using it for post processing. I have a modest place and don't have space for a real office of sorts.

I do most of my post processing on a nice laptop. I think the screen runs a little cool and I know that it is pretty fruitless to try to calibrate the screen. There are times when I will output to my 32" HDTV as a matter of convenience, which has decent results, but I also know it probably runs a bit too vibrant and nor can it be calibrated (that I know of).

I print through my Zenfolio website, which is . I do what I can to make sure my colors are in the right ballpark, but I typically depend on the folks at the Mpix lab to "color correct" for their printing methods. It is an option that can be checked during the checkout process, and has given me and my customers good results results thus far. But in the end, I know it is not the most professional approach to depend on someone else's subjective correction. It may bite me one day.

At some point, I won't mind shelling out $400-600 on a monitor 32" or larger that could double as a TV. Any thoughts on that or suggestions for what I should be looking for?

Right now, all of my entertainment endeavors input through my receiver (including my laptop), which then outputs through a single HDMI to my TV. If I purchase a new monitor, I'd probably do the same....but run my laptop directly to it when I'm post processing.

Does anyone do anything like this? Does anyone have suggestions for what I should look for?

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