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Re: Silver Efex vs LightRoom?

See, this is where i think you're wrong. You can't compare Adobe Photoshop with Apple (aperture or iphoto) - that is like comparing lips to A$$ holes.

I use both, apple and adobe products. I use Adobe when I want to take an arm from another photo, or a face, or an eye. Or if i want to create a composition, also known as plate photography. Or if i want to do more detailed edits to my photos. Sure you can edit photos in Photoshop (black and white, adjust colors, contrast etc etc) but thats not what photoshop is meant for. so you can't say their products make you feel stupid, because you probably are and don't know why photoshop is supposed to be used. also, if you do feel stupid using photoshop how about you actually learn how to use it.

Now, yes, if you're looking for a photo editor, then Aperture/iPhoto is simple to use, its what they are meant for - photo correction. red, blue, green, black, white, grey. that's what aperture does (oh, and file management).

Lightroom is the same - in fact, i would say Lightroom is the easiest of the 3 and probably the better of the 3 when it comes to editing a photo. Toss on Silver Efex, and you got yourself a nice little black and white editing powerhouse.

I apologize for calling you stupid. may have not been called for. but you can't blame Adobe on your ignorance for not learning how to use their products - buy a book, hell, watch one of the MILLIONS of tutorials on the... i think its called the internets!?


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