Battery Recharge Performance ... Should I be concerned?

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Re: Battery Recharge Performance ... Should I be concerned?

I wish the 7D charger had a 'refresh' cycle like the 1D4 charger does.

I have both 7d and 1D4. One of my 1D4 batteries was giving me a message on the camera LCD, recommending that I refresh the battery the next time I charged it, although it still showed 3 bars. I noticed however that on a full charge it only went up to around 97%.

After using the battery and almost depleting it, I did the refresh. When I put he battery back in the camera to check it, I still had the refresh message on the LCD and the charge level showed 97%.

I used the battery again until it was down to 14% and then did another refresh.

After the 2nd time, the refresh message is gone and the battery charged fully to 100%.

I would also note that I purchased 2 batteries for the 7d on ebay for around $12 each and they work identically to the Canon batteries. If you purchase aftermarket batteries, just make sure they have the chip that allows the camera to identifiy the battery and show the power level, just like the Canon batteries. Also verify before purchase that the 3rd party batteries can be charged in the Original Canon charger (some cannot). There are good quality batteries and also garbage batteries selling on eBay, so you have to watch what you are purchasing and buy from a reputable seller.

akin_t wrote:

Well my Battery Recharge Performance went from 3 bars to 2 bars ... Should I be concerned?

I'm guessing this just means it doesn't hold as much charge as it used to (when it came out of the factory)

Will it ever go back to 3 bars? Or do they just deteriorate until I have to replace them?

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