D800 just arrived... and guess what...

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Re: D800 just arrived... and guess what...

Now that you're bored with it and have risen above the whole "objet d'art" thing, why not try using it for something really crazy like, oh I don't know, taking some pictures or something.

Howard Shooter wrote:

Ok... I received my Nikon d800 a few hours ago and after about 20 minutes I decided...

It's only a camera... it has lots of buttons I won't use, it looks lovely and feels extremely well built... but it's still only a camera.

I'm a professional and cameras have slightly lost there allure some years ago... the hype surrounding the camera is justified on paper, but really my 12 mp Nikon D3 for almost all applications does the job just as well.....

I needed the camera for some specific interiors work I do and I need the video, I get the 36mp thing and it's impressive, but really, I'm bored of it as an object already... it won't make any difference to the shots I take, they won't be better.

I feel some (not all), forum members are really getting carried away by this object of desire... It really isn't that beautiful, amazing, life changing... it does a specific job really well.... and... well that's it really.

just my thoughts


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