OM-D, fantastic features, horrible handling ??

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OM-D, fantastic features, horrible handling ??

Got my OM-D (black 14-42 kit) this morning and have been playing with it this afternoon. I may be alone in this but two thing that have really struck me are 1) its got some fantastic features and 2) it just feels awful in my hand

The touch screen to select the AF point is brilliant (and I loved this on my EP-3), the VF works nicely, the camera has all the dials and customization you could hope for, it does make a whiling/hum noise, it focuses very, very fast even in very low light (impressive!), the IBIS works wonders, IQ is the best I've seen for a m4/3 camera (GH2 RAW seems about on par though, at least with EM-5 jpegs) and last but not least, the camera feels awful in my hand.

Yes, it feels awful in my hand! Its a surprisingly heavy camera for its size and at least for my hands, what I'd consider normal for the average man, nothing really falls where I'd like.

Its got plenty of dials and buttons but they are hard to access. I can't reach the top dial without taking my thumb off the thumby grip, and you really need that to hold the camera stable. Likewise the tiny little buttons like the Fn1 and Play button are so small and soft I find I have to use just the nail of my left hand index finger to really trigger them.

The big LCD is beautiful but its resulted in a very cluttered small area for the buttons on the right side of the camera. Granted weather sealing the buttons is a tradeoff, but they just don't have a very good feel and are all way to small. Maybe its just the size of my hands but I find that I've got to use my thumbnail to avoid hitting the wrong one.

Also, the right strap lug is in a really awkward spot, and with the strap is made worse. Really gets in the way of the shutter/dials.

On top of that, while I do love the flip out LCD, it makes it really hard to hold the camera, at least using it at waist level again the body with the thumb on the shutter.

With my NEX5n it was very easy to hold in this manner, with the EM-5 and its lack of front grip to wrap your fingers around I just don't have much of a hold on the camera.

I think the $300 accessory grip option, minus the vertical battery part is really going to be a must have.

Make no mistakes, it takes some really nice images, well exposed, in focus, is very responsive etc, so there is a lot to like about this camera.

For me at least, there is also a lot not to like in terms of its overall handling though. I'd dare to say that its simply too small for its design.

I thought the GH2 handled very nicely, and my EP3 just felt fantastic in my hand. The NEX5n while an unusual shape also really did work well even though its so small as well.

Between the very heavy (for its size) weight and small overall size, in addition to packing so many buttons/dials onto it, it just feels like I'm going to drop it very easily. Wrist strap is a must, and perhaps the grip will help handling.

I'm both very pleased and honestly a bit disappointed in this camera so far.

Anyone else finding they just don't like how the camera ? From as soon as I pulled it from the box it just felt "wrong" in my hand. Still though, so much to like about it.....

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