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Use Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird instead...


I want to thank Everyone for all of their help. I haveb een running Windows 7 for almost a week now with no problems. The only comment is when it transfers over to XP Mode it takes a few minutes for the virtual computer to load up and I still get a few Win 32 Generic Host errors in that mode once in awhile but otherwise it seems fine. I resinstalled my office 2003 and everything worked fine in Win 7 mode except Outlook, so I uninstalled and reinstalled in XP mode and it works fine although again it takes a minute or so to boot up the first time in a session.

If Outlook is the only thing you need XP mode for, just use a different product instead.

Windows Live Mail is Microsoft's replacement for Outlook: I think it's probably preinstalled in Win 7. If not, get it here:

Or, just use Mozilla Thunderbird instead. That's what I use for an e-mail client. It's full featured and free. Get it here:

That way, you're not using resources for running XP mode if the only thing you need it for is an e-mail client.

Just install an e-mail client that works as a native app in Win 7 instead.

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