Please Help! Vivitar Lens Mount...(??)

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Re: Please Help! Vivitar Lens Mount...(??)

OK. I bought a "PK to Nex" adapter... and... I can't get it to focus!

By this statement I assume that it seems to be attaching correctly? For many mounts if you have the wrong mount the mechanical connection won't work in some obvious way. I assume that this is working mechanically without any hint of a problem mechanically, since you don't mention any.

It seems the registration distance is not right.

If this were the case you will usually have a distance range in which it can focus and a range in which it will not focus, for example it won't focus to infinity, or it is possible to focus "beyond infinity". For it to not focus at all would suggest to me that the flange to mount distance is so far off that at no distance is it in focus. This possible of course, but seems unlikely to me.

I would think it unlikely that a) the lens is fine b) it mounts solidly and seemingly properly, and c) it won't focus anywhere in its range. If b) and c) are truen, this leads me to question a). Do you know that the lens operates properly on the camera it came off of?, that it doesn't have a dislodged element, for example.

Note that I am not certain of the above, but this is my suspicion.

I wouldn't buy another mount until I knew the answer to a) and had a good idea about what the mount really is. You could buy a lot of mounts in a random search.

If you google "rick_oleson lensmount compatibility" you will find a page of lens mount photos and information that may be of some help, although great care is needed to make positive ID in some cases.

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