Battery Recharge Performance ... Should I be concerned?

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Extending battery life

This seems about normal, depending upon various factors, such as number of recharges, depth of discharge before recharging, temperature during use and storage method. One of my two batteries dropped to two bars after about 12 months.

Note that if you regularly top-up your battery after only a slight discharge, then the battery monitor may not be able to correctly determine the full capacity of the battery, and may incorrectly report the battery condition. You MAY find that if you completely discharge the battery (through normal use in the camera) before recharging, then you may have three bars again. This does not actually benefit the battery, it just resets the monitor to more accurately reflect the battery condition. However, don't be surprised if doing this has no effect, and you still only have two bars.

If you don't need two or more fully-charged batteries with you at all times, you can increase the lifespan of your batteries by storing them in the refrigerator, at a partial charge (around 40%), when not in use. If you need to keep your batteries fully-charged, then you will still benefit from storing your spare fully-charged batteries in the fridge. The higher the temperature, the shorter you battery life, but don't store the battery at too low a temp either, i.e. don't store your batteries in the freezer.

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