Second guessing my choice Nikon vs Canon...

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Re: Second guessing my choice Nikon vs Canon...


Doesn't matter how much of a "loyal" customer you are. You are not. You're also not a professional. If you were, you wouldn't be doing this. Your need for a new camera is just simply bad.

Have you stopped taking photographs with what you have now? Is all of your gear (whatever you have) suddenly not working?

Get the sand out of your crack!!!

Gazphotos wrote:

I have always believed that Nikon and Canon gear are equally great and I have owned both for many years dating back to my Canon FTB, so I'm not partial to either and back when when I purchased my Nikon D300 I sat at the camera store with it and a Canon 40D trying to decide which way to go. It boiled down to the operating system for me and what made the most sense and I chose the Nikon D300 which has been an incredible camera. And for the record, if the Canon 5dII would have been available at that time, I would have purchased it in a heartbeat.

Now, fast forward to February 6th at 11:30 pm pacific time when I pre-ordered the Nikon D800. I did this while thinking, I know the Canon 5dIII is close to releasing so I hope I'm doing the right thing and frankly, I only had Nikon DX glass, so switching to Canon was not an issue, but I placed my order for the D800 and while waiting with full belief that Nikon would deliver when or close to when they said they would I went ahead and purchased the Nikkor 14-24 f2.8 and the 24-70 f2.8 in anticipation of receiving the D800 when or soon after the release.

My point of this post, because I really have been pretty patient, but what is really frustrating is that Nikon USA has not had the common decency that I feel they should have to inform it's loyal customer base of what to expect regarding fulfilling the orders of their product and hence, if I wouldn't have taken the leap of faith in the Nikon product by purchasing the two expensive Nikkor lenses, I find myself really second guessing my choice over the Canon 5dIII and some fine "L" glass.

This uncertainty because of Nikon USA's stance of "bugger you customers", because that's the way I feel due to their non existent communication to us loyal customers has me really starting to question which brand I want to hang my business with!

Just felt like sharing my feelings..

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