D200 and AF 80-200 2.8 ED Push pull 1st version

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Re: D200 and AF 80-200 2.8 ED Push pull 1st version

HSway wrote:

-I should have looked into the exif, the setting could not be better. I see 1/000 the flying one and 1/2000 the other one. they are in focus, I think that cropping the frame could have contributed to that slight drop in crispness seen on other examples or a bit of underexposure or both, just guessing. Thanks for correction John.



I think a bit of both! The normally very accurate D200 metering seems to be slightly off with this lens, especially at small apertures. the exif is recording the correct distance, and the 9 blade aperture is closing down OK, so it must be the unusual optical arrangement of the lens which also confuses the autofocus system at max aperture and minimum focus. The optical construction is discussed here


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