GH2=4.83 vs E-M5=3.75 stars at

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Re: Statistics, seems a bit early

really to do a comparision as OMD users havent posted many full size images yet, so we dont know what it can and cant do! lol.

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

Condor wrote:

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

I did actually read that part of the OP as well. However, the whole post did come across as provocative (seems like more people in this thread seem to think so). So, maybe that's where I misunderstood you.

Sorry, I don't understand. Why any normal person could find provocative the posting of worldwide public and objective data as Amazon Japan reviews scores???

Unless she/he was an Olympus stockholder or employee of course... and even in that case that would still been public and objective data. I don’t really get it.

It depends on what you see as 'objective data'. The average score itself is a fact, but the way it is composed could make it less objective (it is of course composed of subjective judgments by visitors of the website). Especially with small samples, the average can be easily changed by outlying scores.

So, if your point was to discuss the merit (or lack thereof) of the average score, there is nothing provocative in that. But if your point was to 'prove' that the GH2 is the better camera because it has a higher average score than the E-M5, it could easily be seen as provocative. In that sense, I have admittedly misunderstood your OP. And for that I'm sorry...

And I'm sure that you are aware that Amazon is dpreview owner, aren't you?

Yes, but I don't see how that's relevant to this discussion.


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