Is this good enough from E-M5 and Pana 25mm?

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Re: Is this good enough from E-M5 and Pana 25mm?

Yeah but then he questions the sharpness of the lens camera combo with the shots taken when it seems from his shots that where the camera/lens is in focus it is well sharp but the DOF of the combo wide open leaves the majority of the pic with a nice broketh.

Nothing special but personally, even with said composition of snap shots - I would dial the camera into a single point center focus and use that to pre focus the image and then frame/shoot. To me it looks as though the focus point is on auto multipoint focus and with my experience of leaving the camera to decide what to focus in on - it is usually the last thing I want in focus.

Wife is sharp in 1 of the wife/cat pics and the cat is sharp in the other.

If you want both then up the ISO on the camera and dial the aperture of the lens to allow for more DOF like as mentioned to 4.0 See how you go with that.

Should get a 45mm for my E-P1 and cats myself. The 12-60 is a pain unless they are basking in the sunlight and the 20mm is a little to short to get them when they are flying round the place in their maniacal play time. Burmese cats (well 4 kittens and a mum) you know how it is.

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