A few Zeiss ZM 25 shots

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Re: A few Zeiss ZM 25 shots

Nikkorforever wrote:

I didn't have moire onthe 5N, perhaps the stronger AA filter and higher resolution prevents it happening on the 5N. The GXR wit lesser resolution and no AA filter will induce more moire by logics (haven't had the GCR, so..).

I did a quick test in a camera store and I couldn't reproduce this prob. I mean it's not really a big problem at all! I'm just curious what others with the same lens experience. And it wouldn't be the reason for me to go with a GXR.

I'll test it for you tommorow, its kinda overcast right now and I dont have shots of fabrics.

As for false color, parden my ignorance but I don't have a clue what kind of defect it is?

Maybe I'm using the wrong term for it or it's a completely different problem. Could also be hot spotting.

Here is a quick sample which I took to just show what I mean. It's 200% magnified.

I did leave the color correction in LR on.

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