M10 Viewfinder

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zigorus Regular Member • Posts: 199
Re: M10 Viewfinder

Hosermage wrote:

zigorus wrote:

personal opinions are free. and worth what they cost.

That's a great line! I'm gonna steal it

Here's my free and worthless opinion... forget about framelines, what about the ability to magnify the focus patch so I can focus better?

electronic TTL cameras do that well.

hard to do with an optical viewfinder without either making the viewfinder much larger with very expensive precision optical bits that cost a fortune. and then it's hard to maintain the viewfinder quality if you do it.

imo, the M is all about the optical viewfinder and the lenses. if you don't like the viewfinder, it is better to consider a different kind of camera. that's why i have other cameras too.

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