Small Products (Lighting C/C Welcome)

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Re: Small Products (Lighting C/C Welcome)

I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I'm looking forward to trying them out soon. I certainly don't do this professionally or anything. I'm just trying to expand my studio lighting experience.

A couple notes:

I don't have any other angles on the shoe, unfortunately. I tried some different setups, but it was hard to get something that looked good, so i just went with a single shoe in a pretty basic setup.

The original purpose of all this (and the main reason there's only one shoe photo) was to compare the rendering of strong and difficult colors by film and digital. It wasn't until I shot a couple lenses and other things that i started to really think about tweaking the lighting setup and posing the handbag.

Speaking of the bag, I must've screwed with that strap for an hour trying to get it to look right. It's pretty short so it's difficult to work with.

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